Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shoo fly, don't bother me....

I want to thank Tina over at Old Glory Soldiers for the inspiration on this one. I love the look of vintage kitchen pieces, and although this one is new, it is made old again by using the rusting technique of spray black paint and cinnamon. I wanted to put something inside that would add to its uniqueness, so I mixed up some "fixens" of miniature clothes pins, rosehips, coffee beans and cinnamon stick pieces and put them in an old aluminum jello mold. The distressed hang tag has a copy of an old Farmer's Almanac.


Brenda said...

Now I like that one! I love the handle on it also...have never seen one done like that!! Awesome job girl!!

Old Glory Soldiers said...

The "rust" looks great!! And the fixens in the mold and that Farmers Almanac hang tag are perfect!

What a lovely display! I see you have a lot of wonderful things on Etsy!

Have a Blessed Day!

Anonymous said...

I bought it! Love it, Martha! :-)
Sure makes me smile!


Susie Mitchell said...

Love it Martha! Please tell me what that's, I'll know what I'm looking for! I won't own up to a senior moment...will claim they were probably before my time. LOL
You created a beautiful display...and why am I not surprised!!?? Your work is always exceptional.

marie said...

Love the rusty look! Your display is really nice!!

TeresaM said...

It turned out great! I'm loving the fly screens myself!

Anonymous said...

Martha, I did find my strawberry book! It was buried at the bottom of a book pile. It's a very thin book and was hidden! Now...on to that trowel this weekend with my paints! Thanks for all the inspiration.


Barb said...

Somehow i missed this post.
Your method of 'aging' is sure easier than mine.
Black paint, then cinnamon?
Do you mean real cinnamon? Or is that a paint color??
barbara jean