Friday, April 3, 2009

pRiM aUTuMN cAKe cOvER

Here is the first project from the collection of "good stuff" I acquired a couple of days ago. The cake cover, with its acorn knob and acorn and oak leaf border, just begged for an autumn scene. This is a broad interpretation of a pattern I got from Debbie Richey at The Sugar Bucket. I love everything about it, especially that big sunflower! I rubbed the acorn boarder with a metallic copper stamp ink to highlight it. The knob was perfect as it came --- I like to think of all the times it was used to lift the cover off a baker's delight inside.


Beth from Texas said...

You do wonders with your finds. Love it!

The Pink Bird House said...

Hi, I wanted to leave comment yesterday on your post about all your new "good finds", but suddenly time ran short. But I just have to leave comment today, because I LOVE what you did with the cake cover. When I saw that cover in its original condition, it transported me right back to my childhood because my mother had a cover just like that, well minus the acorn! :-) I have always wondered what happened to it. Well, your art work is SOO impressive, it is just amazing!! Wow, what talent you have. Very nice indeed!! Have a great weekend, Debby

Susie Mitchell said...

Love it Martha! Just what a cake cover with an acorn on top needed!
Make this a day filled with laughter.
Blessings, Susie

Brenda said...


Barb said...

I just knew you would get to that right away!
And so cute!
You do such beautiful work.

My problem with 'gathering', is that i gather, but don't usually get things done. I need to be more like you. Buy it, paint it!!

Blessings on your day.

Barbara Jean

Country Whispers said...

I love this one. My favorite season of all ...Fall!

dee begg said...


I love have such talent.


kim said...

That makes me want one!! It is terrific!
take care Kim

Bluebell said...

Hi Martha just to let you know that I received the Coffee Pot and it is even better now I can touch and hold it you are so clever. Love the Baby Shoe.
Love Gill

Jody said...

Well as always you have just outdone yourself on that cake cover! Simply gorgeous!