Thursday, April 16, 2009

My wonderful artist/designer friend, Diane Knott, is having a fabulous give away. Be sure to tiptoe over to her blog, Diane Knott's Musings, to sign up. The drawing for this precious little creation will be on Sunday, April 19. I have all my fingers and toes crossed that I will be the lucky winner, but I want you to have a chance too!!!

This is a vintage teacup, slightly crazed by age,a soft ivory color with a sweet floral pattern. The "flower" is a copy of vintage sheet music printed on faux parchment in a soft golden shade.The "nest" is made from excelsior.There are three real feathers, three velvet leaves and two hemlock pods and in the center a faux bird's egg in a soft shade of aqua green. Who, beside Diane, could come up with such a delightful little masterpiece. Thanks Diane for offering one of your darling little whimsies!

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