Monday, April 6, 2009

Globe Trotter!

I suppose you have guessed by now that I love painting on unusual things. The more of a challenge, the better I say. Globes are a favorite (but wait, I say that about suitcases, coffee pots, baby shoes, kerosene cans and the list goes on and on....). Yes, the globes like your teacher had in her classroom, or the kind that gathered dust on the top shelf in the library. I have been lucky to find all sizes and shapes but I really like the old fashioned, regular kind. I have a series of seasonal globes going.... Autumn and Winter are already complete and living with a great artist friend in North Carolina. Today I started on Spring. Hopefully, I will have it finished in a day or two if nothing major comes my way to disrupt me. Stay tuned...


dee begg said...


I absolutely love always delight me with your newest creation.


Lighthouse Prayer Line said...


Thanks for sharing that with us! That was beautiful globe!! :)

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Anonymous said...

What can I say??? Your Art never fails to amaze me. You are one of those Blog Friends that I am so in Awe......
Easter Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Martha, how did you keep it from spinning while you painted it?!

Apple Tree Cottage said...

Painting on the round surface does present a few difficulties! I usually hold the globe in my lap, paint a little, dry with a hairdryer, then paint a little more. I am open to suggestions!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Martha, hmmmm...suggestions....stuff something "squishy" between the frame and the globe to hold it in place? Maybe just a rag?

I missed seeing everything you've been up to while my computer was being emptied out of all its bad stuff last week! I kept wandering around my house while my paints were drying, wondering what to do with myself so I rearranged lots of stuff!

Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

I Play Outside The Box said...

I love it!!!