Friday, May 1, 2009

Beautiful Seaside/Seagrove Beach, Florida

I love to walk by the seashore,
On the clean white sand so bare.
I love to walk by the rippling waves
For I find refuge there.
I love to walk by the seashore
When a white fog's in the air:
when a pallid mist o' shadows the beach
And no breeze is stirring there.
I love to walk by the seashore
And watch the waves in motion,
I love the sea in all its moods
For God made the mighty ocean.

Come May 1 we begin to yearn for the sugar sands and peace we find on the Gulf of Mexico. We plan two trips (or more if we are lucky!) to our favorite beach on the planet at Seagrove, Florida. If you saw the movie, "The Truman Show", then you know how beautiful Seaside is. There is nothing better than walking on the beach early in the morning, watching the dolphins play as we make our way to Modica's Market in Seaside to have a cup of coffee and a lovely pastry. The atmosphere is so wonderful there.

We are off in a couple of weeks for our first trip. We will go again for a week with our family from Texas in July, but this time it is "just us". Breakfast at "Another Broken Egg" in Grayton Beach, seafood at "Captain Anderson's" in Panama City, more coffee at Modica's.... oh, let me go pack!!!


Brenda said...

It all sounds wonderful!! ENJOY!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!! Wish I were there!! LOL!
Happy May Day!

Country Whispers said...

Sounds so fun and relaxing!

nonacook said...

I know how beautiful the water and everything can be!My DD's 16th birthday dinner was at Captain Andersons! At the time Bill was stationed at NCSC in Panama city. We grew up and (lived lots of places with the Navy) still live in Pensacola. Bill is buried at Fort Barrancas. Home Sweet Home! The Beautiful NW Florida Gulf Coast!

Andrea said...

So, beautiful! My heart yearned for a peaceful beach and cool sea air as I read your post.

We have "Another Broken Egg" here in Huntsville, but we haven't yet eaten there.

Your poem is lovely, too.

Take care. Many blessings.


The Pink Birdhouse said...

This is what I love most about blogging, getting the chance to see photos of places that I can not travel to, but sure would love to. it looks just fabulous there. Enjoy your time! Soak up some rays for the rest of us, and sink your toes into the sand so that we can feel the warmth too! Debby

Rebecca said...

Of all the things I miss about my beloved California is the seashore. I grew up walking along her sandy beaches and it makes me sad that on my last three visits I couldn't squeeze in time to see them even once.

I suppose they aren't going anywhere, tho.

Love you beautiful pictures sweet friend. Love your heart, too!


Anonymous said...

It sounds heavenly, Martha. Being married to a man of British descent, he burns easily so...rarely is there a beach vacation for us! :-( He has to really cover up and in the fun! Our last "beach" trip was to Maine's rocky shores where we searched for mermaid's tears and luckily the weather was cool for him.
DO enjoy yourselves!!