Monday, March 23, 2009

Time to plant a garden!

We are preparing our garden space. It's time to get serious about making a decision about what will be planted where. Several years ago we decided to make a "square foot" garden. It is amazing what you can grow in a small place. I am of the opinion that the worst tomato from your garden tastes better than the best you can buy at the grocery store! My brother is an expert at growing tomatoes, so we are following his advice this year on what plants to get. He recommends Better Boy, Big Boy, Early Girl and Beefsteak. I want to try some heirloom varieties too --- how could you go wrong with such names as Chocolate Amazon, Brown Derby, Lollipop, Sweet Orange Roma, Lenny and Gracie's Kentucky Heirloom, and Brown Berry?

This is a garden trowel that I painted and it hangs on the garden gate. I have my eye on a child-size shovel that I am going to do something with. Oh, and I also have an idea for a scarecrow that I hope will talk some sense into the mocking birds who have taken up residence in a nearby stand of white crepe myrtles. Stay tuned.....


Annie said...

Mocking birds can be so vicious, can't they? I've seen them attack cats and a friend. Usually one thinks of Bluejays as being the attack birds. Good luck with your tomatoes.

Brenda said...

Can't wait until we can get our garden going. The forcast is calling for snow this coming weekend so we are gonna have to wait a bit on it. I do know that if the snow occurs, we will probably lose all the plants that have sprung already since it will freeze. I sure hope not though!! Good luck with yours.

Anonymous said...

Am anxious to get our gardens going BUT the ground is still frozen in spots! Can't plant until the earth warms up.
Have a great day!!

Anonymous said...

Martha, I'm totally with you. Any home-grown tomato tastes better than the hard, plastic-like ones they try to pass off to us as produce fit for the table.

We do our veggies in pots even though we have almost an acre because the grubs eat the roots of our plants and we lose too many. Also the slugs and it's so hard to keep up with them. We do really well with the pots because the soil stays warm and we have very chilly nights here most of the summer. Not a good veggie growing area.

Enjoy! Such a treat when the harvest comes in, isn't it!


Our really empty nest said...

Gosh I swear when you can paint there is nothing that you cant improve. I love all of your painted pieces, you are talented! Sue