Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snowing in Dixie

It is a rare miracle to have snow here in the Heart of Dixie. Growing up in the Midwest, we thought nothing of it. Life went on, rubber boots and all. We put chains on the tires, put on our warmest coats and business went on as usual. But here in the land of cotton fields, magnolias and dogwoods, we are simply delighted when we hear that we may get a sprinkling of snow showers. It began here in the early hours. Like a child at Christmas, I was excited and kept peeking out of the windows throughout the night. Finally I saw the flakes begin to fall!!! I threw open the plantation shutters and marveled at the sight. Oh, we won't have much.... maybe 3 or 4 inches or so, but that's o.k. with us. We can have hot cocoa and cinnamon toast and watch it for as long as it lasts. Who knows??? We might even make a big pot of soup for lunch and forget all about that pot roast that was on the menu. It's snowing in Dixie and we are loving it!!!


Anonymous said...

Definitely a pot of soup or CHILI! ;-) It looks like the pooch likes it too!

Lavender Dreamer said...

Oh, to have a snow day is wonderful, isn't it? I am enjoying it although my hubby is out clearing the driveway! But I've been cooking so he'll be happy! Stay warm!

Nina said...

Wow! Love the snow pictures, I just we had some here in the deep south. I'm in Mobile and the snow didn't make it all the way down here. I'm so glad you decided to follow my blog. I'm still pretty new at blogging, so it takes a lot of time for me to put together a new post. I hope you'll come back often.