Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Old Spoons

I am still rummaging around in my little shop, going through my stash of collected treasures. This old silverplate spoon was at the bottom of a basket and though I passed it up a time or two, I kept going back to it. Finally I decided to do something with it. Painting on it would have been o.k., but I wanted to do something a little different. So, here it is.... a hanging pin cushion. A little piece of antique lace here, a scattering of forget-me-knots there and it is finished. I am thinking it might need a little hang tag. I will mull that over a day or two and see what happens.


Brenda said...

That is very pretty!! You do such awesome work on everything!!

Jody said...

Martha, you come up with some of the most clever things...that spoon is just too darn cute! Love that!

Anonymous said...

This little spoon is adorable & I love to visit your blog to see your newest addition!
Have a great evening!

dee begg said...

So creative...Does your mind ever sleep? LOL! What a perfect addition it would be to a vintage sewing machine.

The Pink Bird House said...

What a totally ingenious idea! Something really different to do with an antique spoon. I love how your mind and imagination work!! I wish my own would take me to wonderful creations like yours does. :-)

Anonymous said...

Martha, SO pretty! I love that it hangs. If someone really wanted to use it and not just use it as a decoration, it could easily hang next to where they sew and not even take up table top space. As wall decor goes....shabbily, romantically chic!