Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Back to the Beach

We love the Gulf Coast! The sugar sand and emerald water are breathtakingly beautiful. Is there anything better than sitting under an umbrella and watching the dolphins at play? I just made reservations for us to go back to "our" beach house again near Seagrove Beach, Florida in July. For one glorious week every summer we meet my brother and his family from Texas for fun in the sun. It is a time of lazy days on the beach, seafood of one sort or another every single night and, best of all, ending our days watching the sunset and being with the ones we love best in the whole world. Does it get any better than that?


Anonymous said...

With the dismal economy couples should try to do something alone. I really don't think anyone realizes the stress we all are under!!
This getaway you talk about sounds like a wonderful PLAN!!

Brenda said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful!!

Lavender Dreamer said...

I love the beach, too! I love the feel of the sun and the smell of the ocean....oh, I LOVE everything! Wish I was there right now!

dee begg said...


It looks so lovely. The sunset is beautiful. Makes me wish I was there with you.


Rebecca said...

The older I get the more protective of the alone time I have with my hubbs I become. Even though our children are grown and gone and we spend many quiet evenings at home, there is simply NOTHING like getting away...even if it's just for a couple or three days. We come home refreshed and renewed!

Thanks for sharing...beautiful photo!


The Pink Bird House said...

Your little getaway every summer for a week sounds like a dream, lazy days in the sun and sand, SEAFOOD (how I miss it so inland as I am), and family togetherness. Wow, you don't find that too much anymore! I too am dreaming of hot summer days, lazy afternoons, time off to just let my mind drift and let the pressures of work ease out of my bones. Not sure if we will get that time this summer, but one can dream about it!! A lovely post to share with one and all, thanks!! Debby ps. I hope you will post pictures of it, would love to see that.

Country Whispers said...

Sounds wonderful and relaxing!