Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Vintage Finds... new projects completed

I met Megan for lunch in Birmingham on Friday so I went early enough that I could visit my favorite shop, "What's On 2nd". Oh my, what a delight to go there. There are two floors in this vintage shop just filled with the most wonderful treasures. I bought several to bring home, two of which are pictured here.
The first is a vintage iron that weighs so much I wonder how anyone could possibly have the energy to do the family ironing with it! Goodness, our poor grandmothers must have fallen into bed every night, absolutely exhausted from using their "modern conveniences. I painted this one up in a prim style, and in keeping with its laundry day theme, I wrapped the handle in homespun and attached an old clothespin with rusty wire.

The second find is something I have wanted to paint on for ages. It is an "Old Pal" brand minnow bucket!!! My Uncle Hugh and I used to go fishing when I was a little girl in Oklahoma and he had a bucket just like this one. Oh, the memories of the wonderful time I spent with this kindest of men..... I used a favorite Terrye French design to paint up this piece. I tied an old piece of rope with wooden fish and bobbers attached to the handle. I think Uncle Hugh would like it!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the iron! You are so creative and the colors you use are beautiful! You can make anything a treasure!

Barb said...

Great finds and wonderful painting, as usual!

I would have a hard time painting on some of the things i find. I like them just all rusted up and oldish looking, but i love what you do.
barbara jean

Andrea said...

Adorable! You are amazing!

I would love to find this little shop. Is it on 2nd Avenue?

Sometimes, my dear husband and I have appointments in Birmingham. I would love to find some vintage shops.

Take care. Many blessings.


Lady Farmer said...

Oh, to have such a creative mind! You create such treasures! They are both so darling!

Anonymous said...

Hi Martha!!
I Love the Iron & Minnow Bucket!! What a wonderful talent you are!
Have a wonderful day...

Rebecca said...

I'm tellin you again...you are one very talented, blessed girl! Love the iron....everything you touch turns to gold!


Apple Tree Cottage said...

My dear friends, you make my day! How kind you are and so supportive.

What's on 2nd is indeed on 2nd Avenue in Birmingham... 2306 2nd Ave North, (205) 322-2688. I added a picture in my post so you can get an idea of what is there?

Re: rust on "old stuff". I use my Mouse sander as well as regular sandpaper and elbow-grease to remove most of it. Paint with a primer such as Krylon. I like the bumpy surface, so I don't care if the piece has imperfections.

;o) Martha

Country Whispers said...

First let me say that little shop looks heavenly. Looks like you could shop around forever for all kinds of treasures. I love, love, love the little iron and the minnow bucket. I wish I could paint like that. You are so lucky to have such a talent.

TeresaM said...

Both are beautiful.......... but that iron is soooooooooo cool!!! Love it!!!

Jody said...

Well I know I would be in that shop for hours..:) I have only been to Birmingham once, and had no idea of such unique shops available!
Of course you have worked your magic and turned them into true treasures. You are such an inspriation!

Terry said...

Oh my they are both simply lovely.
You are so talented.
I love the fishing bucket .
Thank you for sharing.
Blessings and hugs .
Happy Trails

Boo-Bah said...

Oh how I wish that little shop were in my town. I love the iron and the minnow bucket. You paint beautifully and in the perfect colors for that homey vintage country look that I adore.


Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

What beautiful finds and artwork to dress them! I love your blog too!

Grama's Gourds and Primitives Linda Akin said...

Well I see you have no problem with motivation. I LOVE that iron what a cute idea. I love your painting. Well enjoy your vinegar today. You'll be amazed. Now I don't have a headache from all that cleaning solution. Have a good day.

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Love the old iron and how you painted it. Ironing could almost be fun with a decorated one like that to take to the pile of wrinkled shirts that this family makes. I so often wondered that too, how the women had the strength back then to accomplish all the chores they had and with such heavy objects! Thank goodness for modern day conveniences! Another lovely old item made into a fantastic piece of artwork under your capable hands!! Debby

Rebecca said...

I'm loving the bucket AND the iron. Those things were so heavy. I agree with you...how could anyone use them? I'd be worn out after one shirt!

Lovely work by lovely hands!


Apple Tree Cottage said...

I must tell you that the minnow bucket has gone to live in England. Isn't that wonderful that a piece of a favorite American passtime has flown "across the pond"?