Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hurray for the Red, White and Blue (and watermelon too!!!)

I couldn't wait to paint one of the sewing machine drawers I bought yesterday. I knew exactly what pattern I would use... one of my favorites from Terrye French with my own twist. I just love that big fluffy sheep with the watermelon slice balanced on its back. The pear, the crows, the quilt and the sunflowers are the essence of a prim American summer, aren't they? I lined the drawer with a piece of an antique quilt. The tin star is painted with the stars and stripes to mimic the flag. I cut the watermelon piece and painted and distressed it. The candlestick holder is a copy of a "courting" type. Your daddy would adjust the height of the candle according to the time your beau could stay... when it burned down it was time to say goodnight! Finally, I covered the center of a sunflower with lots and lots of buttons. This was so much fun to make!!! I am already thinking about what to paint on the second drawer!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I am so used to seeing the Sewing Machine Drawers painted pink or white like I did that yours just blew me away!! I Love it!!
Aren't these drawers great?? I am so tickled whenever I can snag some!!
Have a Wonderful Day!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Awesome! I love it! Where do you come up with all the ideas? Do you dream about them?

Feedsack Fantasy said...

That is simply adorable. I've seen all the florals/roses but never a primitive painted drawer. I love my drawers but they are either natural finish or I painted them white ... LOVE YOURS~ TTFN ~ Marydon

Rebecca said... are such an ON THE GO kind of gal!

I get a lot done but NOT IN ONE DAY! You amaze me!

OMGOSH....such talent!

Hugs to you...I'm inspired.


Terry said...

Wow ,what an awesome post.
You really blew me away with this one .
I love it !!!!!!
The sewing Machine drawer turned out wonderful , simply beautiful.
I love it all :)
Thank you for making my day .
Blessings of joy to you .

Jody said...

That is just precious Martha! Wish I could find some neat sewing drawers around here...course I would never dream of doing to them what you are incredible!

Linda said...

I want to tell you that the composite boards for the deck are not all that they are cracked up to be! When we put the very expensive Trex deck boards on our large deck, I thought I was all set. NOT! I wouldn't let anyone eat out on the deck so that it wouldn't get grease stains, but that didn't matter. Anything stains it. Even rainwater. It also has a very, very soft surface and you can scrape it easily. The color bleaches out of it but where the sun doesn't get to it there is black mildew and mold. Then I have to wash it with a mild bleach solution but that only helps the worst of it. To make it short: enjoy your wood decking! Linda

Robin said...

Simply amazing how you have transformed that old drawer into a beautiful piece to behold! I love it!!

Apple Tree Cottage said...

XXXOOO for your comments. Bless your hearts, you are just the sweetest!

Hugs to all,

wendy p said...

You are a wonderful painter. Isn't it amazing how people can vision something for an item and make it happen. Absolutely gorgeous prim painting!


solomi558 said...

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