Monday, June 29, 2009

New Design...

I have been working on some new designs, hoping to make patterns for some of them. Here is one that I am pleased with. I painted the four seasons prim pears on an old sewing machine drawer. I just love painting on these vintage pieces! The stems for the pears are twisted rusty wire that I inserted in holes drilled by my Dremel (don't you just love power tools???!!!!). I filled it with an assortment of "stuff" that I thought might enhance the design. I think I might try this on a bigger scale soon.


Boo-Bah said...

Absolutely beautiful. I love everything you make. I bet your home is really special with the gift you have for making wonderful things.


blushing rose said...

Very pretty. I had some by an artist one time & enjoyed the talent of art ... you, too, are a lovely artist. TTFN ~Marydon

Lady Farmer said...

Always a delight to see what you have created!

Rebecca said...

LOVIN' it all! You ideas never cease to amaze me. You never stop, do you?

Your site blesses me. I hope you know that!


Barb said...

Just too adorable, but then i think that about all your beautiful and creative work.

thanks for the visit. Love that you came by.
Barbara Jean

Country Whispers said...

I love it!
You do such great work!

Michele said...

You have a special gift of giving vintage pieces new life so that they can be enjoyed for many more years to come! You truly bring home "thinking outside of the box."

Brenda said...


Anonymous said...

Just love the pears!! How Beautiful!

dee begg said...


Love the design...what talent you have my friend.