Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Sincere Thanks to Marilyn --- Our Victorian Cottage Give Away, May 2009

I felt like a child at Christmas when I found the package on my front porch from Marilyn at Our Victorian Cottage. You see, I had won her May Give Away and, never having won ANYTHING (hardly a game of tic tac toe even), I was beside myself! Well, I must say, Marilyn's give away absolutely went beyond anything I expected! Here are pictures I want to share with you of the treasure trove that box contained....

There is a wonderful book that I can't wait to study and glean some ideas from. Buttons, laces (oh the most BEAUTIFUL laces), ribbons, flowers of all sorts, and wonderful Victorian style stickers. There is a box of children's hankies --- they brought a tear to my eye because I used to carry that exact kind when I was a child (who used Kleenex then???).

I saved the best for last: I received the most beautiful hand embroidered pillowcases, edged with lace also handmade by Marilyn. The color scheme is so lovely. There is also the most stunning crocheted lace fan. I am going to frame it to hang with my collection of antique plates. Won't that be a lovely addition?

Finally, the card that was enclosed is a work of art! It was handmade by Marilyn's daughter and it is breathtaking!

I can't begin to thank Marilyn enough for all of these delightful gifts. She has been a blogging friend from the start of my adventure in "blogland". What a kindred spirit she is to me. My deepest appreciation goes out to this special, special lady whose talent amazes me!


Anonymous said...

Hi Martha!!
You are so very Welcome!! My passion, of course, is Embroidery & Thread Crochet! I guess it is the "Old Fashioned" in me.....
I plan on having another Give Away toward the end of Summer.
Take Care & Enjoy!!

Pat said...

What a wonderful surprise of beautiful things...you certainly are a winner.

Feedsack Fantasy said...

Ohhh! What beauties, Marilyn does exquisite work. Do you want to share? Chuckle! Lucky you, congrats!
TTFN ~ Marydon

Apple Tree Cottage said...

I have had the best time "playing" with all my goodies. I wish you could all see how gorgeous Marilyn's handwork is.... flawless!!!!

I Play Outside The Box said...

Everything looks so pretty! The win couldn't have happened to a nicer person! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

What pretties!
And the iron looks gorgeous! Can you imagine the biceps our foremothers had! Don't mess with a laundress back then! LOL!


Janice Hough said...

Thanks for the kind words. I wish you could visit my shop. I love your blog. Everything is so nice. Have a blessed day. Blessings, Jan, Amy Lynns Creations