Monday, May 16, 2011

From Tuscaloosa --- We Will Rise Again!

My beautiful city is still reeling from the impact of the F5 tornado that struck two weeks ago. So many of my friends have lost their homes and are trying to find even the smallest shred of keepsakes they had to hold onto memories of families and loved ones. Donations have poured in from all over the world at an amazing rate. But the most amazing thing of all is the tenacity of the survivors. Won't you keep them in your thoughts and prayers?


Barbara Jean said...

Oh I am so sorry for the devastation there.

Lord, please give your peace and strength to those who have been hit with this tragedy. Help them as they rebuild, and give them some little piece of hope in the midst of it all. Thank you Lord that you hear and care about our every need. Amen

Blessings to you.

barbara jean

Barb said...

Hi Martha,
It has been heart wrenching to see this on TV. My thoughts and prayers all with all of you in Tuscaloosa.

Jody said...

God Bless you and your city Martha! You are all still very much in my thoughts and prayers.

Bluebell said...

Hi Martha, I did'nt realise you were in the middle of all this destruction, I hope you are o.k. I watched the tornado on television and was horrified at the size of it you must have been scared. I am glad that help is pouring in, it must be awful to lose everything. Take Care
Love Jillx

Farmhouse prims said...

I am so glad that you are alright. I am so sorry for your friends the devestation is terrible. My heart breaks. I will keep them in my prayers. I think of you often, bunches of hugs, Lecia

Anonymous said...

I am so relieved to hear from you. I knew you lived where the devistation was. Are you o.k.?? My prayers are for you & the people there. I can not imagine the loss... God Bless ...
Love, Marilyn

Humble Heart Designs said...

Prayers to you and yours. God is so good and I pray for comfort and restoration for you and yours.
Bless you all!
Pat @ Humble Heart Designs