Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Hello dear friends! I have taken a break from painting for the shop and concentrated on some decorating for the holidays. The tree is up and rivals the Griswolds' for the number of lights and ornaments that it holds. There are so many wonderful memories hanging here and there.... clothespin reindeer that Megan made in Kindergarten, all the school photographs with tinsel around them she made through the years and the various mementos we have gathered on vacations here and there. I also have some old ornies from my own childhood on the tree that remind me of the Christmases that my sweet brother and I would spend trying to guess what we would find under the tree.

The nutrackers are attached to the columns on the front of the house. This is the second year for them and our friends and neighbors are still asking about the flying angels that we had hung for the previous 20 years. Each window has its wreath and candle so we are finished with the outside of our home.

I love my snow village and how it looks inside the old oak cabinet. This is a treasured family heirloom piece that my dear father and mother-in-law started housekeeping with. I can't bear to pack the village away so it will stay up for a week or so after everything else is packed away.

That Jolly Olde Soul's elf (ME!!!) still has some last minute shopping to do but I am waiting for some last minute inspiration before I dash out into the wild masses. Yesterday's trip was an adventure to say the least. You would have thought it was Christmas Eve from the terrified look on some of the shoppers' faces. Dearest and darling Megan love to go to the Malls and be in the hustle and bustle. I prefer to stay home and make a lovely Brunswick stew to feed my hungry sweeties when they return.

I pray each of you are enjoying this most special time of the year. Try to make time for yourselves and soak up all the warm feelings that you can to tide you over through the winter months ahead. My love to each of you!!!