Monday, July 27, 2009

The Frost is on the Pumpkin.....

It is beginning to look like Fall has arrived, or at least in my studio anyway!!! I love this season for its glorious colors --- all the crimsons, golds and bronzes just make everything glow. Here are some of my latest pieces:

The first is a kerosene can. I love the curly stemmed pumpkins and the little saltbox village. I would live in the red house, if I could, and give the sheep names like "Maggie" and "Estelle".Here is an old sewing machine drawer that I painted up with the most prim jack-o-pumpkins ever! I love their toothy smiles!!! The drawer is filled with frosted pumpkins, gourds, berries, leaves and cinnamon sticks.

Finally, this is an old vintage leather suit case I found while I was on vacation. Don't you just love those black crows that are flanking the banner? I used real antique shell buttons on the pennies down each side.
I have more ideas rolling around in my head and more items already primed and ready to paint. I wonder what it will be today? Hmmmmm, another sewing machine drawer or a coffee pot? I never know until one of them speaks to me and says, "Me, me!!!! Make something out of me!!!"

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back from the Beach --- Again!!!!

We have returned from another glorious trip to the beach!!! We are brown as berries and already missing the sugar sands and beautiful emerald sea on the Gulf Coast. But, all good things (it seems) must come to an end, so it is back to the office for my beloved and back in the studio for me. Dear Megan was able to come for a few days before returning to her workplace too, so we all had a chance to catch up on some downtime together. If you have never been to the Gulf Coast, please do try to go. The sand and sea are beautiful and the food is always fabulous. Whether it is eating at Captain Anderson's or buying shrimp off the boats and preparing it in the condo, you are in for a real treat.

We spent one enjoyable afternoon at the Sea Breeze Winery in Panama City Beach, Florida. After a tour of the facility we had a personal wine tasting that was just fabulous. Our favorites were the Breeze Blush, Island Red and the best golden amber Sherry that we have ever tasted. Go to their website at to learn more.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My friend, Natalie....

I have met the nicest people from all over the world through my Etsy shop. It is so nice when a friendship is formed and you go beyond the "buyer/seller" relationship. Such has been the case with Natalie. She is the dearest person and is working hard to make her beautiful new home warm and inviting. Filling it inside and out with all things "prim", she has shared with me news of her antiquing trips here and there and tells me of the wonderful treasures she has found. Most recently she and her soon-to-be-husband bought this great Singer Sewing Machine to use as a table. Didn't she find a beauty? And just look at her fabulous house. Wouldn't you love to sit on that front porch and drink lemonade? It is decked out for America's birthday now, and I can't wait to see what she does for Fall and Christmas. Now, here is the best part of all.... dear Natalie is only 23!!! I am so proud of her and the attitude she has about making her home special. Yes, I have met some of the nicest people and Natalie is one of them.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 4th of July --- GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

This Land We Love

How beautiful this land we love,
We cherish all good people of
With pride we call this home our own
Oh how our seed of freedoms grown.
American is what we are
Our time has nurtured us so far,
For truth and justice we do strive
Our laws are meant to not deprive.
We know we’re not the perfect place,
As we are of the human race.
In God we trust along our way,
His goodness near, both night and day.
So please do stop and pray awhile
Ask help in facing each new mile.
And now I’ll end with words so clear
Concerning freedom we hold dear
Let Grateful Thought –
Well Deep Inside
For Soldiers Brave –
Our Country’s Pride

©2002Roger J. Robicheau