Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Everything Old is New Again!

My vision problems have calmed down (I thank your for all your prayers and words of encouragement). I had a wonderful day painting on some "treasures" I found last week at my favorite little shop. Oh how I wish you could come a ramble through it with me.... it is an old yellow house just filled to the brim with all sorts of wonderful things. I spend hours there, just pouring over all the findings, thinking about what I could do with them. So, back to my painting.... I found a cake cover, a funnel and an old enamel lid. Here is what I came up with:

The lid is painted with a new Terrye French design. I just fell in love with her "Old Muslin Chicken" and had a great time painting her. The lid is now a towel holder but I think an old piece of lace or some old hankies would look just as nice.

The next whimsy is a funnel. I always think of my dear father-in-law who had a large cotton farm "back in the day" when I find pieces like this. He had all sorts of wonderful things in his barns and tool sheds. Oh, what were we thinking when we walked right past them and didn't even look their way??? I know he would have a good laugh about me painting on something as insignificant as a funnel.

Finally, I painted an old aluminum cake cover. Rarely do I find one without a few dents here and there, but this one was absolutely perfect! I love to paint on black backgrounds and this one was great fun to do. The wood knob is original to the piece and such a nice, warm wood tone, that I left it as it is.

Today I am meeting friends for lunch (I wish you all could come too!) and then going back on another treasure hunt at the yellow house. I have inquiries about painting an old watering can and another kerosene can, so those top the "must find" list. But..... who knows what other gems will be calling my name? Oh goodness, what fun!


Anonymous said...

Oh My Goodness..... Words fail me to describe your painting!! You are amazing!!
My DH came from a farming family. I have a medicine cabinet that his father had in their milkhouse. I took off the door & crackle painted it & voila'... I have a cute little cabinet in my Cottage LR.
Have a nice day!!

Jody said...

Martha, I am so pleased to hear that your eyes are better. Your pieces today are just fantastic! Hope you enjoy your outing today, have lots of fun, and then come back and show me all your new found treasures...Have a wonderful day my friend!

Michele said...

Martha -

My vintage scale arrived and it looks fabulous on my kitchen cupboard! I anxiously await your future "finds" to add to the 1st of my collection.

Michele ~.~

Brenda said...

Good to hear that your vision is better!! Great news!!

Everything you have painted is just awesome....as usual with your stuff! I just love it and wish I had lots of money!!!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The cake cover is WONDERFUL! I'm glad you are feeling better. You are SO talented!

Bluebell said...

So pleased that your eye problem is settling down hope it continues to improve. I just love all the things you have painted you have such a talent. I would also like to get a look in that little yellow house.
God Bless

Bluebell said...

Martha, I would love to purchase the enamel lid with the chicken is it possible for you to do this again for me and send it to England.
Love Gill

Rebecca said...

I think you are the most wonderful painter! Your style is sooo uniquely you and it truly pulls at my heart-strings!

Simply lovely my friend.


Apple Tree Cottage said...

Big hugs to each of you.... you are the best of friends. Gill, I would love to send that lid off to you. I will reserve it for you and find out what the postage will be.

The Yellow House trip was fun today. I got some fabulous pieces to paint on!!!! Mr. Yellow House says I look at things other people walk by (oh, if he only knew).

Pat said...

I am so glad that your eye problem is better. We paintin' gals need those peepers. Love your new pieces. You are always so creative.


Anonymous said...

Martha, So happy your eye problem is better. Your new little do-dads are so neat! They always are but you continue to surprise us with what you paint on and what you make out of cast-offs!
Hugs! Diane

Andrea said...

Beautiful! You are so creative!

I would love to visit the little yellow house of which you speak. It sounds like a wonderful place.

Yesterday, my husband and I went to Fayetteville, Tn., for a day out. I found several treasures. Now, to decide where to place them.

Take care.