Monday, August 9, 2010

Autumn..... My favorite season!

I have been painting in the colors of autumn for several weeks now. I am pretending that it is cool and crisp outside and that fall is in the air. All of my favorite "life changing events" happened in Autumn. I met my darling husband and we got married in the fall (After 31 years we are still holding hands!). Two years later my precious daughter was born, also on a golden fall day. So, I have a special place in my heart for this season. Painting pumpkins, harvest moons, fall leaves and smoke coming out of chimneys has me thinking of baking bread and making homemade soup. I will have to wait a bit for that .... it is still bumping 100 degrees everyday and definitely not soup weather!

Here are a few of my latest creations. Maybe they will put you in the "pumpkin muffin and corn chowder" mood! The tin plate has a night scene painted on a pumpkin. This is an original that I have done several variations of. I love the way this one turned out, especially when it is laced with a homespun ribbon.

The bread board is painted with a John Sliney design. Don't you just love the big fluffy sheep perched on the pumpkins? Finally, here is an old lantern I painted with my Harvest Moon pattern. I gave the lantern a rusty look using cinnamon and black paint.


Anonymous said...

Hi Martha!!
It's been awhile.... As always I love your beautiful painting! The lantern is so nice!!
Have a Great day!

Anonymous said...

I love them all, Martha! Fall's my favorite season too. I probably have more fall paintings in my portfolio than any other season. Your work always has so much heart!
SO glad you're back!

debzdogz said...

i am LUVIN" these! Each one is just beautiful!

Apple Tree Cottage said...

Thanks my friends! You are the sweetest ever!

natfrack11 said...


It is great to see you blogging again!! These pieces are beautiful and I love all of your work.


Anonymous said...

I love your painting & ideas! You are such an inspiration, Martha! Please keep sharing with us & so glad your blog is back up & running.
Take care,

Apple Tree Cottage said...

It is so good to see old friends leaving messages. Hugs to all of you!

Jody said...

Exquisite as always Martha! Just love seeing your latest creations.:)

Susan Wymola said...

OH Wow,,Martha, I could not find your blog and thought you deleted it or something. Frantically looking for you..and today I find your blog still exists.. Maybe I'm losing it..ha.
I'm happy to see you're still in blogland. Hope you are doing good and staying outta da heat.Love all your stuff as usual! Miss being in touch with you.

Dorothy said...

I am so glad to see you are blogging again. I found your blog this year and I love your work. I love fall too and have been painting Terrye French and John Sliney designs for a few weeks as well. Your work is very inspiring! Makes me want to paint even more!