Saturday, September 12, 2009

Christmas Time!

I have been MIA for a while and I apologize to all my blogging friends. Dear Megan has been busy house hunting and we have been lending support (isn't that what parents do best?!!). I have also been treasuring hunting, cutting wood for projects and of course painting hours on end in my little studio. Here are some Christmas projects to get you in the mood. Check out my Christmas counter below... it isn't long until the happiest day of the year!!

The first project is an old cheese box. My dear father-in-law used to buy one of the "hoops" of cheese that came in this type box every year at Christmastime. Can you imagine a twenty-five pound piece of cheddar cheese? I found this lovely old box and painted it up with a Terrye French Santa.

What would make a better beard for old Santy Claus than yards of torn muslin. This Jolly Old Soul has two and a half yards of torn strips to create his magnificent beard. Lots and lots of glitter and mica flakes make him look as if he has been on a midnight ride for sure.

Finally, here is a sweet gingerbread teapot (my design) with a Christmas tree filled with all sorts of gingie delights. I have two Christmas trees in my kitchen for the holidays and one of them is always contained in a teapot. After all, don't you spend a lot of time baking and cooking goodies so why shouldn't you have decorations there too??? Oh my goodness, all this talk of Christmas makes me want to start decorating! Do you think my dearest would notice if I start putting out my Snow Village????


Anonymous said...

OMGoodness!!! Do I smell Gingerbread & cinnamon?? Oh Martha. You have certainly sparked my Holiday mood!!
Love Ya',

Anonymous said...

Martha, these gals are a hoot. They look like me before breakfast, my shower and makeup! ;-)


Bluebell said...

You are scaring me but, I do love the teapot idea and all your things are so beautifully decorated. When the sun stops shining I will put on my Christmas hat and join you in getting excited.
Love jillxx

Jody said...

Hey my sweet friend! You have done a fabulous job on all these new Christmas things! Love them all!

Anna Panik said...

Good works!
Nice to neet you :)