Friday, August 7, 2009

Hurry Up Autumn!!!

I am surrounded by pumpkins, vines and dried berries in my little studio. I love painting anything to do with my favorite season. Today I found an old vintage cheese box at an antique store and couldn't wait to get started on it. I love the three crows sitting primly on the fence. Don't you wonder what they are thinking? This was great fun to paint (my design).

And speaking of crows, this old lunchbox was just the ticket for the perfect piece to paint one of Terrye French's designs on. I love the way the colors "pop" on the black background. Wouldn't the person who carried his lunch in this think it is so funny that it is now a piece of folk art?

I think aromatherapy is a great concept. My precious Megan brought this to me as a little surprise last weekend. It is a plug-in from Bath and Body Works and is just the best thing for getting you in the mood to bake pumpkin pies and think of Fall being just around the corner! It is not overpowering at all.... just perfect!


Brenda said...

Well Martha, you have me in awe again of your painting!! Love those items. My daughter in law swears by those plug ins from Bath & Body and her house always smells terrific, no matter what scent she gets. Have a great weekend Martha!

Anonymous said...

Hi Martha!!
We haven't even had summer here in the northeast this year. Weather people have said that this is a good as it will get this year!!
Oh well, I love Fall too! When I was little my 2 brothers & I all had our birthdays in Sept. & Oct. & it was indeed a joyous time!!
I just love your painting!!

blushing rose said...

Shhhh! Don't rush it. TY.
TTFN ~Marydon

Kathy said...

I love fall...the colors, the scents, the falling leaves, the cool weather....can't's just what follows it that I don't like!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love all the Fall decorations, too. I am tempted to decorate my new condo with all my Fall stuff...but I am still trying to get it in order. I was wondering about the BBW plug ins. I may want to try those!

Barb said...

As always., so very cute!! =0))

Barbara jean

Barb said...

me again.
On your side bar, there is a little box with a bird, leaves, butterfly, and the word hope.
Is that available anywhere??


barbara jean

Joy said...

I love the colors of fall too and the smell of pumpkin spice.

solomi558 said...

I love looking at your blog ,I have been given an award from Cal . would you care to take it from me?---cottonreel

Lynn said...

I love the lunch box....and Terrye French....isn't she great?